Too young to know better, too old to change my ways…I’m Whitney.

About me


I’m Whitney. Also known as wiki.

I currently study philosophy and Africana studies at the University of Georgia. I’m an intellectual and aspiring academic, professor and writer…future PhD. I desire to engage my generation in progressive conversation about African American existence and identity.

I guess I should also mention that I love Chicago Bulls basketball. This is a severe understatement. Trust me, haha.

I originally started this blog last year to relieve my mind from overtime and give my thoughts some clarity, but as of late, blogging has turned into another way to engage in dialogue for me. It has actually become quite fulfilling. The internet is a strange thing, you know. Blogging is even weirder. There are so many people on the interweb with ideas and thoughts, dreams and passions, aspirations and desires, and their blogs are the places where for one minute out of the day, they don’t feel crazy when they express that.

Okay, so what I am getting at is this: I am just another girl, on this gigantic planet, equipped with ideas, opinions and dreams. This my own little corner of the internet where I can share them. I am writing these thoughts as I attempt to navigate my way through the merky water of the “real world”. I am still conflicted about who I am and who I want to be, but I am honest enough to admit it. What makes me different, and essentially makes my blog different than everyone elses on this green Earth, is the fact that I am the only person that has to tread this existence. This life. These moments. But, I am doing my best to explain it to you. Enjoy.

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